Is it Time for Guild Wars 3?
Apr. 22, 2019

We entered 2019 and the New Year marks a new chapter in Guild Wars, with the promise of new adventures in Tyria. After 6 years of dragons, golems and gods, the developing world created by ArenaNet has changed. Despite a very vibrant and passionate essence that continues to flourish despite the perpetual chaos, it's not hard to see that Guild Wars 2 is starting to show its age.

Since the first release, many Guild Wars 2 players have been so upset that the way the damage was inflicted was inflicted on the way they kill enemies and, most importantly, on the construction of classes. , it varies. Inventory management has been thrown out the window with an unscrupulous abandonment, since almost all new updates flood players with stacks of "new" items, which often rebuild the boxes of surprises that contain different versions of them articles.

Of course, the objects may seem uncomfortable for new players trying to find their place, but this is common throughout the community and is a symptom of a whole series of problems facing Guild Wars 2. In simple terms, the game, developed for more than five years, it has brought many updates, modifications and additions, but it was created to show players that they can do it without worrying to do if they had to.

With the incredible expansion and work that ArenaNet has achieved with its updates from the world of life, I can not help thinking that ArenaNet has fulfilled its promise of a growing, changing and dynamic world, even if this is not the case. The brand has always been affected in each update.

Where does the next expansion take us? Will we see new mounts? Will we see the old regions in a new light? There is still an endless adventure, and although my reflections on some of my personal deficiencies reveal a certain degree of disappointment, I am not mistaken, I hope what will happen next.