Path of Exile is Joining the Battle Royale Scene
Apr. 4, 2018

Path of Exile adds a playable Battle Royale mode for a single day. If you manage to survive the game, you'll even get a good Roha dinner. While Path of Exile is not exactly the kind of game in which you expect to add a Battle Royale mode, it's a lot of fun. They take the RPG action gameplay of the game and launch it into a multiplayer death match and somehow do something almost magical.

While the mode works with at least 20 players, you can play in a single game with up to 100 players. As with other Battle Royale modes, there is a circle that players must follow to avoid death between battles with other players. If you manage to win one of the modes, you will receive a Rhoa dinner ornament that will appear in your hiding place.

According to an official announcement issued by Grind Gear Games, players can view the operation of the Battle Royale mode and know how to play this mode better.

In addition, players can check out the official trailers of this Battle Royale mode to facilitate a better understanding of this game mode.